Henry Audio USB DAC 128 mk 3

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Henry Audio
We have now got another product from the DIY world on hifimediy.com, helping to make it available to customers worldwide.

The Henry Audio DAC started as a DIY project back in 2011 under the QNKTC name with the focus on building a USB receiver and driver and has since evolved into a ready made product in a simple enclosure and with down to earth features. 
Head engineer and force behind the project is Norwegian Børge Strand-Bergesen, who has a long background in electronics development and digital audio circuits in particular.

The Henry Audio DAC mk3 is built around the Atmel AVR32 MCU that runs on open source firmware, and the AKM4430 DAC chip. It has great emphasis on the power supply parts and design. There are also options for experimenting with the power supply as there are lots of internal headers for experimenting.
This DAC can further benefit from being used together with our USB Isolator that provides galvanic isolation to separate the computer ground from the connected USB device. The high-speed isolator is required to enable UAC2 that is needed to play sample rates above 96/24.

USB Cable is NOT included!
We can provide one, but it will ship separately from China:




  • Input: USB (Class 1 or Class 2)
  • Asynchronous USB, 22.5792 and 24.576MHz
  • All sample rates up to 192kbs supported
  • Atmel AVR32 MCU programmed in open source C
  • AKM4430 DAC Chip
  • USB powered (by low noise ADP151 LDO)
  • Output: Stereo RCA
  • Size 114.4mm x 32.8mm x 119mm

Manual with lots of additional info:

Diyaudio discussion thread: 

Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/marksparrow/2019/03/11/add-hi-res-music-to-your-stereo-at-an-affordable-price/#722b93274e76

Lite Magazin (German) https://www.lite-magazin.de/2018/11/test-henry-audio-usb-dac-128-mark-3-das-einhorn-unter-den-d-a-wandlern/

Six Moons (review of older version mk2) http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews2/henry/1.html

more info at https://www.henryaudio.com/


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