Hifimediy COAX/OPTICAL DAC. ES9023 + CS8416 115V

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This new DAC is build with with the same Sabre ES9023 chip as our USB DAC, featuring the same SABRE DAC technology. The ES9023 dac chip has a driver built in which outputs 2Vrms line level signal,and are able to drive low impedance loads like headphones, but at 32ohm the output power is reduced to 1Vrms, so connecting to an amp/preamp is recommended if your headphones are low efficiency.

It features two outputs, one of them going through a potmeter for controlling volume, while the other is straight out without the pot. The outputs are from the white connectors. Two cables with leads in the other ends are included.
It uses the CS8416 digital receiver and accepts up to 192k/24bit on all inputs. 
This Dac has two LT1763 ultra low noise regulators, one for analog and one for digital.
This DAC chip does not have any DC voltage at it's output, eliminating the need of a DC coupling capacitor at the output. 
With patented HyperstreamTM architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, the ES9023 delivers jitter-free studio quality audio with 112dB DNR. 
On board trafo which can be wired for 115V or 230V. Simply connect mains voltage and you are ready. 
The same trafo is used for both versions, only a switch (soldered) to change from 115V to 230V. 
Two COAX and two OPTICAL inputs. 
Switch for selecting inputs.
Input voltage: 115V (100V to 120V accepted)
PCB Dimensions: 120mm x 80mm (105mm including the connectors)
Height: 30mm
Weight 300g

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