SMPS600RS 48V 110V Power supply

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Brand: PCBStuff (Connexelectronic)
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Input: 110VAC
output: single 48V DC (+-10%)
Current: 600W (720W peak)
Dimensions: 112x100x40mm

Single output, 28V, 38V, 48V or 72V high-current output plus an auxiliary 15V 500mA regulated voltage output. Half Bridge resonant SMPS capable of delivering 600W continuous and up to 720W peak power with crest factor at least 2.5. The stock available output voltages are adjustable within 26V to 40V for the 38V version, 36V to 40V range for 38V version, 46 to 50V for the 48V version and 69 to 75V for the 72V version. It uses zero-voltage switching half bridge resonant topology. The main advantage is lower size and cost compared with a similar regulated SMPS and better efficiency, up to 94% compared with the regulated SMPS's due to the fact that the transistors are soft-switched, and the current through the switches has sinusoidal shape, and there are no output inductors. The SMPS features overcurrent protection which limit the output current at about 130% of the maximum peak power, about 700W. This power supply is suitable for amplifiers, which requires single high-current supply in range of 26V to 75V. On request, different output voltages are possible, within 20V to 120V interval, please use the "on request" option and leave a note regarding the desired output voltage.
We can not do any custom versions, as we have the smps ready made in stock.

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