HiFimeDIY UX1 USB DAC (Sabre ES9023) + SPDIF/USB converter

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HiFimeDIY UX1 ES9023 USB DAC + USB to SPDIF and SPDIF to USB converter

This is a very nice small DAC powered by USB bus and with many useful additional features. In addition to the normal USB digital to analog audio conversion this DAC can send a SPDIF optical input to USB. And it can send a digital audio signal from a computer via USB to the SPDIF output.

Please note: It does not do SPDIF to analog!

It is powered from USB and doesn't require external power supply.
It have a digital volume control which will adjust the main volume level on the computer.
The DAC chip is the famous Sabre ES9023 which has advanced jitter eliminator and are used in several of our other popular dacs.
The headphone output is buffered by Texas Instruments' TPA6120 current feedback power amplifier.

Analoge outputs:
It has two analog outputs using 3.5mm connectors. The one on the front is buffered by a headphone amplifier (TPA6120). The output on the back is direct output from the ES9023 chip. Both are controlled by the digital volume potmeter.
Line output power is 2Vrms and headphone output is 250mW to 16ohm. Headphone output impedance is 10ohm

Digital output: 
SPDIF digital output. The USB input signal is sent out through the SPDIF output.

Digital input:
SPDIF digital input is sent over USB to computer. Note: The SPDIF input is not sent to analog output!

USB input:
Works without drivers on Mac, Windows and Linux computer and accepts 32, 44, 48. 88 and 96 Khz sample rates and 16/24 bit. Led lights are indicating sample rate.


  • Self powered from USB
  • Digital volume control
  • USB input: 32,44,48,88,96Khz,16/24bit. Sample rate indicated by LED lights
  • Audiophile Sabre ES9023 USB chip
  • Two analog outputs: One direct from the DAC chip and one buffered by headphone amp
  • USB adaptive transfer mode. DAC async mode with TXC 1ps oscillator
  • Weight 110g
  • Dimensions: Width 70mm, height 25mm, depth 65mm (85mm with volume knob and screws)

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